questions. without a question mark. (:

  Questions? what do you mean by post questions that would make people answer and leave a reply, puan Chua? gah. okay.

Errr…okay. think positive. I mean ,like, how hard can it be to think of a question?

20 minutes later…

okay. I have a question. WHY??? WHY MEEEE???? gah. can.not.think.of.a.good.enough.question.

why is it that value is not valued without it’s value being valued? ><


Ze real question:

what food do you think our canteen should sell?

I mean, like, are you bored of the food we have now or not?


Siew Karlynn.

hehhehe.. the moment when I just told Karlynn something funny about my life and we can’t laugh out loud cuz the teacher’s giving us ze evil eye (:

And when she eats, she kinda looks like this..

without the slobber la. of course.

And when i tell her something awkward and a kinda cute thing that happened to me she’ll be all like:

always always always the "grin"


when she scolds the juniors (or me) :

but i love our girl nights and sleepovers (:

 chocolate has somehow always made us go hyper though..

but through thick and thin, we’ve always stuck together (:



   books: alphabet books. big little books. books of secrets. colouring books. diary books.        facebook(lol). forbidden books. hardcover books. limited edition books. miniature books. novels. online books. paperback books. photo books. picture books. pop-up books. books on the radio. sticker books. stripped books. textbooks. used books. year books. etc.

you name it, I’ve read it.

sometimes i read so much books that it practically consumes over the whole place.

the harry potter series is one of my most favourite book series ever…

I had a library card since I was 5. In primary school, while other students were eating during recess, I’ll be the one in the school library losing myself in books. The school librarian teacher knows my name.

I don’t get lonely easily. As long as you hand me a book, I’ll be more than happy to ignore whatever you intend to do without me knowing.

library’s are my heaven.

P.S. I read a dictionary once when i was bored (;

people whom I call thy friends (; (a really sweet girl (: ) (this really crazy guy who’s one of my best friends. He never fails to make me laugh) (who esther? yup she’s a really loyal friend) (his nickname? oh.. bob of course) (errr…fani! hahahahha.. geddit? ><) (okayyy.. dunno who’s this) (hehe.. past few days there’s been a lot of things happening to her that makes me laugh out loud. LOL) (sigh. martin. looooooooooonnnggg story) (really nice (: and she’s a really good class monitor too) (yo.. bharat.hi. twins to prabhu. I can never get their names right) (nad-duck 😛 hehehhe) (oooo.. “master” navin. cheyh..) (celineeeeee!!!! she’s forever rolling in the deeeeeeep) (vino (: really nice prefect who sits near me in class) (hehhehehe.. err.. really athletic?) (say who?) (I’ll never forget my reaction when she asked me who i like yesterday) (i also dunno who’s this) (safura’s really nice (: ) (err.. scary but he loves to sing (: hehehe) (class clown!!) (hahaha.. bonjour amir (:

this is where I got tired of posting little comments about them.